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An Unreal Dream The Michael Morton Story

September 2nd, 2014 by Tony Mendoza

This is a must watch for all Americans.  Michael Morton was convicted in Williamson County, Texas in 1987 for the murder of his wife Christine Morton.  The only problem is, he did not commit the crime.  Not until DNA testing of bloody evidence did Morton win his freedom 25 years later. The prosecutor at the time, former Judge Ken Anderson, deliberately hid exculpatory evidence from defense attorneys.  Ken Anderson lost his bar license and served ten days of jail time as part of an agreement.  Michael Morton was wronged in the worst way possible by the Texas Criminal Justice System.  We must all be vigilant and on the look out for the Ken Andersons of the legal world.  The Supreme Court of Texas unanimously accepted Ken Anderson’s resignation stating,

“The court deems the professional misconduct (of Anderson) conclusively established for all purposes,” the order read. “Ken Anderson must immediately surrender his state bar card and Texas law license to the clerk of the Supreme Court of Texas.”

A younger and more naive Morton believed that because he knew he did not do anything wrong, he was willing to answer all of law enforcement questions.  Bad idea.