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University of Texas Police Arrest #2 Bike Thief on Campus using Bait Bike

September 2nd, 2014 by Tony Mendoza

University of Texas Police Arrest #2 Bike Thief on Campus using Bait Bike – Austin Police still

Struggling to get a grip on Petty Theft Dowtown.

Lawyer DWI Bike TheftBefore we get too deep into this story, register your bike with Austin Police here. Some crimes at the University of Texas might well be a thing of the past one day as University Police use GPS technology to track bike thieves.  According to University officials, campus police are using GPS tracking device technology and bait bikes to deal with the problem of bike theft on campus with success.  Armin Aliefendic, a student and recent bike theft victim tells his story,

“I got a voice mail when I got out of class. They said I needed to come to the police station,” Aliefendic said. ”They said my bike was stolen, but they recovered it, and the person who stole it was the number two bike thief on campus.”

As the University of Texas Police have success in tracking down bike thieves, Austin Police still struggle to prioritize their focus on theft and burglary in the city.  Perhaps due to their intense focus on DWI enforcement, APD fails to meet other important and crucial obligations.  Bicycle theft in Austin continues to plague the city.  Over the last three and a half years, thieves have stolen at least $2 million worth of bikes in Austin.  In just last year alone, over 2,000 bikes have been stolen in the city – that is 1 bike every 4 hours. 

Austin Police encourage all bike owners to register their bikes for free in the event that your bike is stolen and recovered. Registering your bike is easy.  Should you have legal questions regarding property theft or other legal matters, call The Mendoza Law Firm, L.L.C.