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The Inconvenient Car Wreck and Insurance ClaAustin Texas Personal Injury Lawyerim

This office understands how instantly and incredibly disruptive a car wreck can be to your life. You no longer have your vehicle but you still have to get to work, take care of your family, and drive to your doctor and medical appointments.

You have sustained personal injuries from your auto collision through no fault of your own.  You are suddenly put in a situation that is not familiar to you and you need accurate and fast legal advice. This office will provide the legal expertise needed to maneuver your auto insurance claim through the administrative insurance process.

Head injuries, concussions, fractures, whiplash, neck and back strains and shoulder injuries are common when you are in a motor vehicle accident.  It is important to treat for injuries immediately and seek legal advice and guidance.


Not the type to sue?

When put in a position where you are up against an insurance company after a car wreck, it is natural to be intimidated. Perhaps you believe that you will have to go to court or pay up front legal fees.

  • Making an auto accident claim is NOT the same as suing.  After a collision, we can many times negotiate a legal settlement with the insurance company without having to go to court or mediation.
  • CONTINGENCY FEE | This office represents you in Auto Collision cases on a Contingency Fee basis. This means no fees or out of pocket legal expenses up front and we only get paid if you win or settle. You have plenty to worry about, let The Mendoza Law Firm handle your claim.


Do I need an Austin Car Wreck Lawyer?

Perhaps you think that your automobile collision was minor and you can resolve your claim with the car insurance representative that has been in contact with you since shortly after the accident. Consider this, the Insurance Research Council reports that people who hire a personal injury attorney get 3 times more money for damages and pain and suffering than those who choose to settle alone. Why shouldn’t you be compensated for not only your property damage and personal injuries but also for your time? Does it make sense now why the auto insurance representative in contact with you since the car wreck has been so accommodating? For obvious reasons, the auto insurance business prefers a quick, low ball settlement without the interference of a personal injury lawyer. Having an attorney represent you allows you to get back into your daily routine and it minimizes your contact with the auto insurance company. With experience representing big insurance companies and defending claims made against them, this office fights for proper compensation for you and your family.

What to do after a Car Wreck or Automobile Collision

Call The Mendoza Law Firm, L.L.C. at (512) 609-9606 and tell your car wreck story to a personal injury lawyer. Free Legal Consultation. Call immediately and get rid of the headache of dealing with the auto insurance company. This personal injury law office is based in Austin, Texas and serves various clients in Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bexar, Bastrop and Harris Counties. Other areas and cities served are Round Rock, Cedar Park, Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country.